Leaders: These tools may prove helpful as you plan for Facilitative Team Time or as you return to your LEA/Charter. As a district, school, or professional development leader, these tools can support you as you plan to facilitate meetings, PLCs, or trainings.

Leaders with Leaders Materials

Leaders With Leaders Session 1 Introducing Leaders with Leaders: Clicker Activity Presentation

Leaders with Leaders Session 1 Technology Ready: Understanding Technology Initiatives

Leaders with Leaders Session 2 Presentation: Connecting UDL and differentiated instruction to the NCEES.

Reflective Questions: Click this link to respond to reflective questions during Session 2. Click here to see responses.

CAST: Learn more about Universal Design for Learning

Leaders with Leaders Session 4 Presentation: Leaders from each LEA/Charter meet to develop goals for their team to work toward during Facilitative Team Time.

Leaders with Leaders Session 6 Presentation: On Day 2 of Summer Institute, Leaders from each LEA/Charter meet to review resources and ask questions about NCDPI Race to the Top Initiatives.

Session 6 with MSL information

READY Chart: Use this tool to reflect on your accomplishments and priorities. Set goals for working with your team.

Implementing Planning Phase III: Use this document to establish planning priorities.

The Basics of Facilitation

Facilitator Tool Kit: This resource, developed by the University of Wisconsin-Madison, provides a framework for quality facilitation, tools to support teams as they work toward common goals and consensus, troubleshooting guides, and templates to ensure that groups make strides in the right direction.

B-D-A Facilitation: "B-D-A" stands for, Before Meeting, During Meeting, and After Meeting, incorporating each phase of the meeting process and its various expectations and tasks. These materials, developed by the The Friday Institute, provide a variety of resources, web tools, and information to support B-D-A Facilitation.

Decision Action Record Blank: This tool may be used by districts to assign roles, responsibilities, and due dates to members of a team.

Documents that Summarize Summer Institute Shared Elements

Connecting to Serve All Quick Reference: This quick-reference summary of the Connecting to Serve All elements found in each content session addresses Universal Design, English Language Learners, and Academically and Intellectually Gifted Learners. Use this quick-reference to review or share information gleaned at Summer Institute 2012.

TIPS Model: Use this quick-reference summary of the Team-Initiated Problem-Solving Model to support work at the district, school, department, or team level.

Summer Institute 2011 Materials

2011 Materials: If you were unable to attend Summer Institute 2011, you can access materials from last year here.

2011 Summer Institute Facilitator's Guide: Review the Facilitator's Guide from our 2011 Summer Institute.

“The resources provided during the course of the NCDPI Summer Institute 2012 have been helpful to some educators across the state. However, due to the rapidly changing resources available, NCDPI does not represent nor endorse that these resources are the exclusive resources for the purposes outlined during the Summer Institute.”